Eco Health, Inc Recalls Product Because of Possible Health Risk

by FDA on September 6, 2012

in FDA Recalls,Food Recalls

ECO HEALTH, INC of Chatsworth, CA is recalling its florAlign PREBIOTIC FORMULA (POWDER) in the following quantities; 60 units of the 90 gram PREBIOTIC FORMULA (powder), 40 units of the 180 gram PREBIOTIC FORMULA (powder) and 174 units of the 270 gram PREBIOTIC FORMULA (powder). This PREBIOTIC FORMULA was marketed under the name florAlign PREBIOTIC FORMULA.

This is a summary of a recall issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The link below will take you to the original recall press release containing complete information, including instructions about what to do if you are affected by this recall.

View Full Details Of Original FDA Recall Notice Here.

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